Calling all testimonials! Be in my upcoming book!

Hello! I have some exciting news! My non-fiction book is almost ready and will be released this fall. It is called “Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On – How to communicate without pain by understanding different personalities” You have a chance to be featured in the book! Here is what we are looking for:

  • letters about how your life was changed, either personally or for business by understanding our different personality types.
  • letters about how the “Four Pals” Book series has been beneficial for your kids.
  • letters about the value of the personality assessments for kids, teens, and adults.

These need to be received by email no later than June 1st to be considered for publication. Also, please paste the following release in your response show we have written permission to use your testimonial. It is also possible that they may be posted on my website as well.

Here is the release info. you will need to cut and paste in your reply:

For valuable consideration, the receipt of which is acknowledged, I irrevocably grant Angel Tucker as well as Personality Profiles LLC and publisher of Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On the right to forever distribute, transmit, publish, copy or otherwise exploit, either in whole or in part, either digitally or in any other medium now known or later discovered, the writings I have or will provide to Angel Tucker. I release and discharge Angel Tucker and her representatives from any claim or cause of action now known or later discovered, for, among other things, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, and defamation arising out of the use and exploitation of the information. I represent and warrant that I am the provider of this information ad no other person has a claim to it. I am over the age of 18 years old.

Please email testimonials to: