Story Ideas For Your Station

Now available for your station! Angel Tucker is a Christian Expert Personality Profiler with tons of media experience. She

has four children’s books published and her non-fiction book entitled  “Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On” is due out this fall.

Here are some story ideas that your audience would love:

  1. Why is Everyone Normal Except My Spouse?
  2. How to Have a Happy Spouse by Friday!
  3. Putting the Fireworks Back Into Your Marriage! (Timely 4th of July)
  4. How to Master the Parent/Teacher Conference (Timely back to school)
  5. Discovering How God Can Use Us Through Our Personalities!

Additionally – Angel can assess the personality of anyone in less than 60 seconds so call-in shows are always fun! Her energy and enthusiasm bring a lot to the

interview! Please check out her website at for sample clips and a partial list of media experience on the “Press Room” page.

You can also request a media kit by going to the “Contact Us” page.