Changes Needed?

Have you ever wished things were different in your life?  Is there anything you would change if you could? Often times, when we reflect on our lives there are things we wish were different. Many times though, we think it is too late or the process to change would just be too hard. I read a book recently that was sent to me by Steve Morris and written by a fellow EXIT Associate titled: Criticle Choices. In that book it reminds us that when a huge ship changes it’s course by only a few degrees, it will arrive at a totally different destination. I encourage you to improve by just a few degrees and see what positive results you have from it!

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Here is what others are saying about the benefit of understanding different personalities!

This is my second time attending Angel’s presentation. It was time to drill down and use the information in my personal relationships. Learning how to effectively communicate with other personalities and to identify the profiles of the people close to me and to recognize the value in understanding those differences. — Connie Vann, Regina, SK