Misdiagnosis of ADHD in children!

As I sit in the Atlant airport in between my flights for the day, I am thinking back on a conversation I had with my hair dresser earlier today. Her son’s teacher is recommending that her child be put on medication for ADHD. I have had many many conversations with her regarding her son who is simply an “I” personality. This personality type is not a naturally good student. They are staring at the butterfly in the room instead of listening to the teacher say there is a test tomorrow. They forget assignments and drop papers on the way to the bus. Most teachers are NOT “I” type personalities and think there is something wrong with the child. Understand that there is a 97% error rate in diagnosing ADHD. In fact, a recent study showed that pesticides in fruits and vegetables could cause up to a 50% misdiganosis rate alone. Add that to the challenge of people not understanding personality types and all the disorders that are similar to ADHD and often incorrectly diagnosed we have a huge uphill battle on our hands. Please don’t medicate your kids without going through all the proper testing to determine if your child really does need medication. You should never walk into a Dr’s office and walk out the same day with a prescription! I hope this helps someone!!