Why Opposite Personalities REALLY Attract!

Ever wonder why you are attracted to someone who is a different personality type than yourself? The answer is simple – although maybe not so obvious at first. You are actually “staffing your weaknesses”. That’s right – things that you are not capable of doing or comfortable doing, your spouse probably is! Think about it – maybe you are not very outgoing, but your spouse is. Maybe you are not very organized, but your spouse is great at being organized. Whatever it is, you probably saw something that your spouse is good at that you aren’t! What happens next? Well, you admire them, fall in love with them, marry them. Then what? You try to spend your entire life from that point on changing them into you! The Bible doesn’t say “thou shalt change one another”! You should get back to remembering what you appreciated in your spouse in the first place and focus on their strengths instead of trying to turn them into another you. Let’s face it. One of you is probably enough anyway!