The Benefits of Understanding DISC Personality Types!

I just have to share a letter I received from a recent seminar attendee. It demonstrates perfectly the value of understanding the DISC Personality Assessment System – even if you are a kid!

Hello Angel

I just want to start off by telling you that is has been a week since I have taken your course and I am amazed at how much I have left there with. First off I am a “Flaming I” but it was nice to learn how people look at the I’s and I loved learning about the other personalities as well. I am an assistant for two realtors which are both men…saying that neither one of them have any I’s in them. Your course helped me see through their eyes what it is like to work with an “I” all day.

I love working with them and enjoy the real estate field (because that is what “I’s” are great at!!) but I now understand them better and I realized that some days when they look at me with their “S” and “C” looks that they really don’t want to throw me off a bridge or run me over with a car….we just think differently and have different personalities. And I am ok with that J

I have 2 boys one is 8 his name is Ethan and Aiden is 4. They are completely opposites!! Aiden has more “I” in him than I do (if that is possible) and Ethan is so shy and reserved (he had the same teacher for 3 years and at parent teacher she said “Ethan is finally starting to warming up to me” this was his third year of having this teacher)

Recently I have received your children’s books. The first time I read the set to them the youngest had questions and my oldest the “S” just listened and never said anything. The next night after I picked them up at the sitters the first thing they asked is “mom can you read those books to us again” so for 7 nights in a row I have been reading the books to them.

Two days ago I received a call from Ethan’s principal. Ethan witnessed a boy in his class bullying and pushing another boy in his class and when the principal learned that Ethan witness the whole thing he brought him in his office to ask him why he didn’t tell or report it to the teacher. My quiet little boy’s reply was “the boy that was being mean was a “D” and I am an “S” and I don’t mess with “D’s”. So you can imagine the principal’s confusion when he called me asking if I could give him some insight on what Ethan was referring to. After I explained your books to him and what Ethan was talking about I hung up the phone with a smile on my face. I was happy to learn what he took from your books.

Ethan took your books to school with him the next day and his teacher read them to the class and that night I received an email from his teacher and principal stating how much they appreciated the books and how they have learned something from a shy little 8 year old J

I just wanted to tell you that story and how your books played a part in me and my boy’s life.

Have a great day.

 P.S. I know that you probably think that because I am an “I” that I fluffed up the story a little……but I didn’t have to for this story!!  

Melanie Price