Did you know that the way we see ourselves is not usually the way others see us? Did you know that the way others see (or perceive) us will determine the way they RECEIVE us? That’s right! Even if their perception is wrong, they will decide whether or not they like you based on their perception. In other words, their perception IS reality – at least to them! This is why it is so important to understand how others perceive us because it will determine how they receive us! Here are some examples of how each of the personalities might be perceived:

“D” types are actually – determined, decisive doers who can make quick decisions! They are natural leaders who get more accomplished in the shortest amount of time than any other personality type.

“D” types may be PERCEIVED as bossy, pushy people who are rude and love to interrupt.

“I” types are actually – outgoing, fun loving people that light up the room just by walking in! They are great at persuading and motivating others.

“I” types may be PERCEIVED as flaky, irresponsible people who aren’t reliable and rarely tell the truth.

“S” types are actually – caring, loving listeners who always have time for others. They would rather listen and support others than be “center stage”.

“S” types may be PERCEIVED as weak, intimidated people who can never make a decision.

“C” types are actually – Knowledgeable, organized thinkers who analyze carefully before making a decision. The love learning and value perfection.

“C” types may be PERCEIVED as stuffy, judgmental people who never like to have any fun.

As you can see, they way we actually are can be very different from the way we are perceived! It is important to understand that sometimes we need to change people’s perception of us so that we can change their reception of us!

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