Opposite Personality Blends using the DISC Model of Human Behavior

In addition to Natural Blends and Complementary Blends, which I discussed in recent posts, there are also opposite blends. Examples of opposite blends are: D/S, S/D, I/C, or C/I.

If you are one of these blends, you were not born this way. You have conditioned, or taught yourself to be this way over a period of time. Typically this happens out of necessity. For example – maybe you were a first born child who was naturally an “S” but a tragic event caused you to have to raise your siblings. You would, out of necessity, most like become more “D” to adapt to the situation. There can be good or factors that shape and mold our personality type. Some people have so many learned personality traits that they actually show on an assessment as “LEVEL”! This is only about 1 percent of the population.

When you are an opposite blend, this could easily create struggles within yourself and make you feel conflict. For example: if you are an I/C you may really want to go have some fun but you must do your absolute best on the current project and still meet deadline. Once I met an I/C who was playing with play dough and having a blast. As he was playing with the play dough, he was describing how it is sodium based, thus causing it to dry out quickly. This is the perfect example of an opposite blend! If you’ve ever seen the movie Patch Adams, Robin Williams plays an I/C blend in the movie.

I hope this has helped you understand opposite personality blends. No matter what your blend, remember to always let your personality shine!

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