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    Affirmations for Personality Types using DISC 

    Personality Affirmations!

    Did you know affirmations are a great way to start your day? I regularly help my coaching students develop affirmations that assist them in overcoming natural personality challenges. I’d like to share some of them with you today! I recommend writing them each one time each day for 21 days. You only need to do the ones for your personality type! If you want more affirmations for your personality, email me! I’m happy to give you some more: personalitypro@msn.com.

    “D” personality types –

    I am patient!

    I show kindness to everyone I interact with.

    I enjoy spending time with family.

    I love to relax when my work is done!

    I am very likeable.

    I put my family first.


    “I” personality types –

    I always finish what I start!

    I am thankful for what I have!

    I invest and spend wisely!

    I am reliable and trustworthy.

    I always think before I speak.

    I enjoy getting tasks accomplished.


    “S” personality types –

    I take good care of myself physically and mentally.

    I am a great multi-tasker.

    I enjoy being a leader!

    I am confident and knowlegable.

    I make quick decisions effortlessly!

    I am great at persuading and motivating others!


    “C” personality types –

    I am an excellent listener!

    I enjoy considering the ideas of others.

    I love to be spontaneous!

    I appreciate change!

    I love to smile!

    I enjoy showing affection to others.

    Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event? Contact Angel! personalitypro@msn.com.

    Angel Tucker is an expert personality profiler who has been speaking professionally at venues across North America for over 25 years! Her dynamic presentations empower people with the ability to read personality types within 60 seconds! This valuable insight can give her audience the tools to succeed in self improvement, bettering relationships, effective parenting, and job advancement! As a C.H.B.C. (Certified Human Behavior Consultant) she has helped tens of thousands of people create win/win situations in every aspect of their lives!  Her non-fiction book titled “Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On – the power to read people, get what you want, and communicate without pain became a National Best Seller the same month it was released. She is a valuable resource for media as an expert in her field and is regularly featured on National radio/television and internet venues as well as magazines. Angel is a highly sought after speaker who has worked with several well known organizations to include Wal-Mart and the United States Air Force. Additionally she has created an Award Winning children’s book series called the “Four Pals” book series that teaches kids how to recognize different personality types and appreciate their differences. Her latest writing credits include another children’s book and a collaborative effort with Authors such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfeld and Les Brown. To learn more about Angel or chat with her regarding the possibility of speaking at your next engagement, go to http://www.AngelTuckerAuthor.com and complete the “Contact Us” page.


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    Natural Personality Blends Using DISC 

    We are all our own unique combination of the four personality types D,I,S and C. About 80 percent of us are dominant in two of the four. It other words, you have 2 types that you operate in most of the time. We call this your “blend”. There are natural blends, complimentary blends, and opposite blends. This article will discuss the natural blends. I will cover the other blends in future posts. Here is a brief description of natural blends:

    If you are a D/I or and I/D, this is what is called a natural blend. Both types are outgoing, both types live in extremes, and both types have emotions that change very quickly. There are several other characteristics these two have in common such as:

    Talking with their hands

    Interrupting when others are talking

    Speaking very quickly

    Being quick to spend money

    Getting bored easily

    Keeping items all over their desk

    Piling items when they are going from one place to another

    Being quantity driven

    If you are an S/C or a C/S, this is also a natural blend. Both types are more reserved, both types prefer to work on one project at a time, and both types have emotions that change more slowly. There are several other characteristics these two have in common such as:

    Not jumping into things right away – taking a deeper look

    Being more thrifty in nature

    Being quality driven

    Being compassionate

    Speaking more slowly

    Using few or no hand gestures

    Gathering information

    Pausing before speaking

    If you’d like to know more about personality types visit us at: http://www.personalityprofiles.org. We have the largest selection of resources available to teach you more about personality types using the DISC model of human behavior. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker for YOUR next event, email us at: personalitypro@msn.com



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    Did you know that the way we see ourselves is not usually the way others see us? Did you know that the way others see (or perceive) us will determine the way they RECEIVE us? That’s right! Even if their perception is wrong, they will decide whether or not they like you based on their perception. In other words, their perception IS reality – at least to them! This is why it is so important to understand how others perceive us because it will determine how they receive us! Here are some examples of how each of the personalities might be perceived:

    “D” types are actually – determined, decisive doers who can make quick decisions! They are natural leaders who get more accomplished in the shortest amount of time than any other personality type.

    “D” types may be PERCEIVED as bossy, pushy people who are rude and love to interrupt.

    “I” types are actually – outgoing, fun loving people that light up the room just by walking in! They are great at persuading and motivating others.

    “I” types may be PERCEIVED as flaky, irresponsible people who aren’t reliable and rarely tell the truth.

    “S” types are actually – caring, loving listeners who always have time for others. They would rather listen and support others than be “center stage”.

    “S” types may be PERCEIVED as weak, intimidated people who can never make a decision.

    “C” types are actually – Knowledgeable, organized thinkers who analyze carefully before making a decision. The love learning and value perfection.

    “C” types may be PERCEIVED as stuffy, judgmental people who never like to have any fun.

    As you can see, they way we actually are can be very different from the way we are perceived! It is important to understand that sometimes we need to change people’s perception of us so that we can change their reception of us!

    I hope you have found this information helpful! Remember that you can receive my free monthly enewsletter by going to http://www.personalityprofiles.org and clicking on the “Personality Pointer” button. Simply enter your email address and you are all set! There are also tons of great resources on our site to include a new “DISC Resources” section!

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    Why We Have Traits From All Personality Types! 

    Often times people are confused because even though they are dominant in one personality type, they exhibit traits of another type. Remember that noone is all ONE personality type. You are a blend of all four types. In fact, some people test “level” which means they are almost even in all four. It is completely normal to be dominant in one type, yet have a “thing” that you do in the other types. For example, I’m am normally a high D/I blend. My “C thing” is that I am a bit germphobic. I don’t like touching ketchup and salt containers in restaurants, or escalators rails, etc. I just think of all the millions of people who have touched them before me and I cringe. This is not a D or I trait, but rather my C “thing”. This is the way it should be since we are a blend of all four personality types. 80% of us are dominant in two of the four types as indicated in my D/I blend mentioned above. The key is to recognize someone’s dominant personality blend so you can best predict what they need from you to create those win/win situations that you desire! You can learn more about this in my best selling book Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On! The power to read people, get what you want, and communicate without pain. My website is: http://www.stopsquattingwithyourspurson.com

    Angel Tucker - Expert Personality Profiler, C.H.B.C.

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    Why an “S” type Personality might appear to be a “D” type! 

    Have you ever observed an “S” type personality acting like a “D”? Well, there are a few reasons this can occur. First, if an “S” type feels that some great injustice has occurred, that someone has been wronged, or that someone is being rude – it is possible they will respond with boldness. This can make them appear to be a high “D” type. Another time that an “S” often seems to be more “D” is in their work environment. This personality type typically specializes in a particular field and that show confidence in that one area since they have studied it for so long. Those observing them from the outside may observe their confidence and mistake it for a “D” type personality. This is why it is important to develop patterns of behavior and not just observe one thing about a person and assume what their personality type is. I talk about this in my Best Selling book – Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On! I definitely recommend reading it! It will give you the tools to accurately read most people in just 60 seconds – or maybe less!

    Best Selling Author, Expert Personality Profiler, International Speaker, and Certified Human Behavior Consultant

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    The Benefits of Understanding DISC Personality Types! 

    I just have to share a letter I received from a recent seminar attendee. It demonstrates perfectly the value of understanding the DISC Personality Assessment System – even if you are a kid!

    Hello Angel

    I just want to start off by telling you that is has been a week since I have taken your course and I am amazed at how much I have left there with. First off I am a “Flaming I” but it was nice to learn how people look at the I’s and I loved learning about the other personalities as well. I am an assistant for two realtors which are both men…saying that neither one of them have any I’s in them. Your course helped me see through their eyes what it is like to work with an “I” all day.

    I love working with them and enjoy the real estate field (because that is what “I’s” are great at!!) but I now understand them better and I realized that some days when they look at me with their “S” and “C” looks that they really don’t want to throw me off a bridge or run me over with a car….we just think differently and have different personalities. And I am ok with that J

    I have 2 boys one is 8 his name is Ethan and Aiden is 4. They are completely opposites!! Aiden has more “I” in him than I do (if that is possible) and Ethan is so shy and reserved (he had the same teacher for 3 years and at parent teacher she said “Ethan is finally starting to warming up to me” this was his third year of having this teacher)

    Recently I have received your children’s books. The first time I read the set to them the youngest had questions and my oldest the “S” just listened and never said anything. The next night after I picked them up at the sitters the first thing they asked is “mom can you read those books to us again” so for 7 nights in a row I have been reading the books to them.

    Two days ago I received a call from Ethan’s principal. Ethan witnessed a boy in his class bullying and pushing another boy in his class and when the principal learned that Ethan witness the whole thing he brought him in his office to ask him why he didn’t tell or report it to the teacher. My quiet little boy’s reply was “the boy that was being mean was a “D” and I am an “S” and I don’t mess with “D’s”. So you can imagine the principal’s confusion when he called me asking if I could give him some insight on what Ethan was referring to. After I explained your books to him and what Ethan was talking about I hung up the phone with a smile on my face. I was happy to learn what he took from your books.

    Ethan took your books to school with him the next day and his teacher read them to the class and that night I received an email from his teacher and principal stating how much they appreciated the books and how they have learned something from a shy little 8 year old J

    I just wanted to tell you that story and how your books played a part in me and my boy’s life.

    Have a great day.

     P.S. I know that you probably think that because I am an “I” that I fluffed up the story a little……but I didn’t have to for this story!!  

    Melanie Price

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    Personality Profiles by Kids! Four Pals Book Series! 

    Check out this awesome youtube video. These little girls read my books one time and started profiling everyone in their family immediately! Amazing!Four Pals book series by Angel Tucker

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    Helping the “D” Personality Type Get Some Rest! 

    If you are a “D” type you probably have trouble sleeping at night. You lie awake, tossing and turning, thinking about all the things you need to do as soon as you wake up! Here are some tips to catch some more zzzz’s! First, don’t drink any caffeine after 6pm. Second, take a long hot bath right before bedtime and make sure there is very little lighting in the bathroom or the bedroom. Third, keep a notepad beside your bed and as you think of all those things you need to do tomorrow just quickly write them down instead of thinking you are going to forget! Making these simple changes at night will have you more rested in the morning. More rested means more productive! It’s a win/win for you!

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    Free Look at My Book! 

    My awesome VA (virtual assistant) Stewart is now posting chapters of my book that you can read absolutely free – just look at the right side of the screen.

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